Quiet screaming

I forgot to put some of my weird ass Jam on tumblr wOOPS
Hey guys holy shit

Haven’t drawn in five hundred years,
Here’s a random drawing of me calling on yo bullshit B)

I was gonna put more effort into the glasses / lenses bUt

Eh, enjoy. 

Grapefruits are bulllsshhhiiiittt —
I’ve been working on this foreverrrrrr.
Like four days my god.
It’s practically just Jay / Troy doing a prank kinda thing to Alex / Joseph Bc he wanted to see if he really had a heart or nah
Not really I just made that up on the spot but —
Idk man, sounded good.

I’m also kinda just playing around with different styles and shiz so.

I might just put this as an AU you guys can think of something I have no freaking clue man.
So I felt like drawing something for the new marble hornets entry sake.
Goddamn. It was so intense. Like if u Cri everytim.
I still can’t draw. I’m liking pixels again -u-
I have to post a whole lot of things I haven’t put up yet on here omg.
God save me.

(Btw the box on the bottom left is supposed to be Tim’s knees but idk how to draw knees or anything omg help.)
I spent my whole night on this lil shit.
I was attempting a different pixel - drawing - Colouring - style.
And to say the least, it was a pain.
It’s supposed to be me, but yeah. I think it turned out pretty good so..
Ugh. My fingers hurt.
Can we just —
Entry 85.

Because why not.